AXiRVAAD Spice Villa & Gallery hosts Rafique Sayed Photography's first ever exhibition, "AS I SEE IT", a view to the world through his lens.

Presented by Adhuna Bhabani-Akhtar, Founder & Director BBLUNT India, "AS I SEE IT" is an exclusive, never-before-seen photography collection from the personal work of Rafique Sayed, one of India's most renowned fashion photographers.

Adhuna & Rafique have shared a long and close working relationship as fashion industry professionals, creating iconic images together across media and advertising, which have gone on to receive critical and commercial success.

"AS I SEE IT" is curated by Deepti Datt, Gallerist and Art Advisory for the Hamburg-based arts collective DerbeLight Illuminated ART

Head over to the Online Exhibition by clicking on the images below.

Derbelight represents Rafique Sayed globally; A beautiful functional-art light-panel of an “AS I SEE IT” image, created specifically in collaboration for this exhibit, is an installation on display.


Framing for the "AS I SEE IT" photographs has been crafted by Artisan Carpenter Nereus Drego Studios, Goa - through the use of sustainable methods and upcycling of Scandanavian, Pine wood, shipping-crates.

Other than our archival photo paper prints, we have avoided the use of any printed materials in our continued commitment to sustainable practices; All our "AS I SEE IT" exhibit collaterals are recycled and/or digital media only.

ONLINE EXHIBIT and SALE of Rafique Sayed’s “AS I SEE IT”